Dance Moves and Horror Games: The top kids’ trends of Q2 2018

At the start of this year we shared Kids’ Trend Predictions for 2018 from the 7-12 audience of our kid-safe PopJam platform. They said 2018 would be the year of slime, unicorns, fidget spinners, squishies and iPhones. They weren’t wrong.

At the end of Q1 we checked back in with the PopJammers to see what was trending, and the Floss dance, Fortnite, Roblox, slime and squishies topped the charts. Now, heading into the latter half of 2018, we’re seeing new trends, as well as some brand-new takes on their existing faves… Continue reading

How are kids watching the World Cup?

In the past few weeks, the 2014 FIFA World Cup set new records for online streaming in the US. Over the last month, the App and Google Play stores have been flooded with applications for fans to follow the action on their mobiles and tablets. So how have the younger UK generation, tooled-up with devices but not yet part of the pub crowd, been watching the football?

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