How SuperAwesome uses Hack Days to build new kidtech products

At SuperAwesome, we’re focused on building solutions for a new set of problems that haven’t really existed before (the internet has never had this many under-13 users).  Some of our most successful kidtech products have sprung from Hack Days, a quarterly event where we take new ideas from across the company, and see whether they are technically viable.

In June, we had our ninth Hack Day – check it out to find out what we built, and why we think Hack Days are so important:

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YouTube: a necessity for kids

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YouTube is rapidly becoming integral to kids’ lives. Looking beyond just video-on-demand consumption, YouTube is becoming paramount to the way that kids create, learn and share.

SuperAwesome’s Insights Team have been following this growing phenomenon. Here is an overview of our discoveries to date.

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SuperAwesome dress up as Wallies for the National Literacy Trust!

We are pleased to announce that on Sunday 16th March, Team SuperAwesome are taking part in the ‘Where’s Wally’ Fun Run for the National Literacy Trust.


The charity raises money for a great cause: they work on raising the literacy levels of children and young adults in the UK, ensuring that kids get the best support throughout their school years, and opening their paths to future careers.

We’re excited to help raise some much needed funds for the National Literacy Trust, and we would really welcome your support!

So, whether you are a supporter of this charity yourself, a fellow member of the kids industry, or you just like the idea of us all breaking out into a sweat, whilst dressed in silly bobble hats, please sponsor us!

Click here for a link to our fundraising page – any contributions would be AWESOME.

Wish us luck!

Team SuperAwesome.

Knowit…our youth research panel

knowitWe have our very own research panel which is made up of children, teens and young adults all of whom are part of the Swapit community.

Our youth panel is available to use for survey sampling or we can take care of all facets of the project from survey scripting to report writing.

Our panellists are offered swapits (our unique virtual currency) as an incentive for completing surveys which they can then use to spend on items on

All those under the age of 16 were given parental approval in accordance with MRS guidelines.

To get the latest on our panel numbers and to find out more please contact