‘Live TV’ or ‘On Demand’ ?

on-demandAs Internet speed has improved over the past couple of years so too has the number of those watching television on ‘On Demand’.

On Demand has allowed viewers to catch up and watch their favourite programmes when it suits them and 58% of 8-16 year olds now watch TV on a laptop or computer. Not only that but TV viewing on tablets and mobiles continues to grow too, with 20% of 8-16 year olds watching TV on a tablet and 16% on a mobile. On Demand appeals to younger viewers who like the flexibility it offers, rather than having to watch programmes at their scheduled times only, giving them the freedom to engage with different media when it suits them.

That is not to say that all watch On Demand as most still prefer ‘Live’ TV with 35% of 8-16 year olds preferring it compared to 15% ‘On Demand’. BBC iPlayer is the most commonly watched On Demand service followed by ITV player, 4OD and Demand 5, while many are also streaming shows off services like Lovefilm and Netflix to avoid sitting through adverts.

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Knowit…our youth research panel

knowitWe have our very own research panel which is made up of children, teens and young adults all of whom are part of the Swapit community.

Our youth panel is available to use for survey sampling or we can take care of all facets of the project from survey scripting to report writing.

Our panellists are offered swapits (our unique virtual currency) as an incentive for completing surveys which they can then use to spend on items on Swapit.co.uk.

All those under the age of 16 were given parental approval in accordance with MRS guidelines.

To get the latest on our panel numbers and to find out more please contact milo@superawesome.tv