Kids’ Trends of Q3 2018: Baby Shark, Gacha, Fortnite and memes…

At the start of this year we asked PopJammers about their trend predictions for 2018 and have followed each quarter to see how accurate they were.

Slime, squishies, unicorns and iPhones have been huge this year. Fidget spinners didn’t last the year and no one saw Fortnite coming, but as usual the experts on kids (the kids themselves) were pretty spot on. Continue reading

Who did actual kids vote for at the BAFTA Children’s Awards 2016?

The British Academy Children’s Awards is one of the most anticipated events in the UK kids’ industry and beyond, attracting and celebrating the very best of children’s entertainment across all screens. This year, we were called upon to help shape some of the nominee shortlists; the results are in and it has been another phenomenal year.


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Meet Future8 Games category winner – Seb Gallop



Continuing our winners’ streak, we meet with the amazing Future8 Games category winner, Seb Gallop! Seb has won a once-in-a-lifetime prize experience with Stick Sports, with his highly detailed game concept, ‘Lifeless City‘. We ask him what inspired his entry and what he is looking forward to about his prize.

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Tips and Inspiration from Games Category Judge – Jo Scalpello

tips_inspiration_jo (1)

Jo Scalpello, our Future8 Games Category judge, has worked in marketing for leading tech brands including PlayStation and EA Games! We caught up with Jo to find out what she is looking for in Games Category entries!

Check out Jo’s entry tips video here for tips and advice on what she’s really looking for in the winning entry!

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Meet Games Category Judge – Jo Scalpello!

expert judges_meet jo

The Future8 team have spent some time with our expert judges to gain insights into their industry experience and see what Tips and Advice they have for Future8 Awards entrants. We met with Games Category judge Jo Scalpello, Head of Partnerships at Blinkbox to talk all things tech, gaming and The Future8 Awards.

Jo has fused her passion for digital and creative talents to create marketing campaigns for leading brands like Sony PlayStation, Nike, EA Games and BlinkBox – taking the digital world into the physical world in new and innovative ways!

Check out Jo’s entry tips video here for tips and advice on what she’s really looking for in the winning entry!

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“Nearly real things”: What do kids think of Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is back in the news. Facebook surprised the world back in March by paying $2bn to acquire leading VR firm and 3D goggle-maker Oculus Rift. Since then, the hysteria, cynicism and speculation subsided. However, in the past few days, Oculus Rift has reappeared in the headlines. First it was announced, on 30 April, that the headset would be sold to consumers next year (the current version is developer only). Then, on 1 April, the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Oculus now faced a legal challenge from a former colleague over rights to its technology. But what do kids think of Virtual Reality? Continue reading