Announcing KidAware: The industry’s digital marketing certification program

As the company at the forefront of safe kids digital marketing globally, we are constantly asked by our clients for advice and guidance. In a digital landscape which is constantly changing, the challenges for brands and agencies to both safely and effectively reach the under-13 audience has never been greater. This is why we are pleased to announce our KidAware program: to help the industry achieve the best possible standards in digital kids marketing.

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Oblique Strategies


It is always hard to tell your new colleagues that you are out of ideas or you don’t have a perfect solution for the given problem. Like many others , my day to day work consists of facing situations where I am not certain about the solution. After many attempts to come up with concrete solutions myself, I finally I decided to give oblique strategies a try, to think out of the box.

Although this is not a UX method itself, their ‘open to interpretation’ approach allows them to be used in all situations.

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