Taylor Swift pulls her music from Spotify – do kids care?




Earlier this month, Taylor Swift made the decision to remove her music from streaming service Spotify. Coinciding with the release of her new album, 1989, Swiftys everywhere were denied access to the pop star’s catalogue of hits on the popular streaming service.

Swift justified her decision stating, “Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for”, a valid argument. But does this really matter? And in particular, do kids care? Continue reading

SuperAwesome opens in NYC and Southeast Asia

SuperAwesome GlobalSuperAwesome’s mission from day one has been to build the world’s biggest advertising platform for kids. Today we reach a pretty major milestone on that epic journey, announcing both our New York office and our Southeast Asian joint venture. Obviously this is important for our air-miles. But it quite legitimately makes us the biggest kids ad platform on the planet.  Continue reading

Meet Future8 Maker winner – Billy Timimi



It’s time to meet our penultimate Future8 Awards winner – taking home the award for the Maker category, we meet Billy Timimi, whose Convert-A-Desk entry earned him a trip to LA with Belkin’s WeMo plus a trip to Disneyland in California! We ask him about his entry and what he is most looking forward to about his prize.

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Meet Future8 Games category winner – Seb Gallop



Continuing our winners’ streak, we meet with the amazing Future8 Games category winner, Seb Gallop! Seb has won a once-in-a-lifetime prize experience with Stick Sports, with his highly detailed game concept, ‘Lifeless City‘. We ask him what inspired his entry and what he is looking forward to about his prize.

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Meet Future8 Music category winner – Natalie Shay!



Now we’ve met the Web, Animation and Online Video winners, it’s time to take a musical turn with Music category winner Natalie Shay! Natalie has won a once-in-a-lifetime experience with NOW Music. Find out more about Natalie’s entry and her prize!

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Meet the Future8 Web category winner – James Corneille



As part of our Future8 winners’ week, we are pleased to introduce you to James Corneille, the winner of the Web developer category and winning an awesome prize with Bin Weevils! We catch up with James as he talks through his entry and what he is most looking forward to from his prize.

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Meet Future8 Animation Winner – Jonathan White



We had an amazing time on Saturday celebrating our Future8 Award winners across our 8 categories. This week we’ll be getting to know each of our eight talented digital creators, what inspired them to enter the Future8 Awards, and what they are most looking forward to about their prizes!

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