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Rachel Hamilton, author of ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’, shares tips and inspiring insights to help you impress our judges with your Blogger Category entry! As a Blogger category judge Rachel will be helping to choose who wins the life changing prize from our sponsor Penguin Random House UK! We asked Rachel:

What will you be looking for in a winning entry?


“There are four key features I’ll be looking for from blog category entrants:


  •        Focus – ensuring content is relevant and valuable for readers
  •       Clarity – generating snappy headlines and smartly-designed, easy-to-scan posts
  •       Creativity – providing originality and a point of difference     
  •       Passion – giving the blog heart and soul and ensuring a personal style that attracts a loyal and active readership”


TIP: Why not include a PDF presentation with your Blogger Category entry, outlining your passion for blogging, and objectives for your blog, to really impress our expert judges like Rachel!


How do you think creativity and technology are linked?

“I’m a big fan of collaborative creativity and get my best ideas by bouncing thoughts off other people. So I love the way mobile and digital technology connect everyone and everything, creating a huge melting pot of thoughts, ideas and inspiration.


Have you got any tips for entrants?

“My first tip would be . . . don’t listen to other people’s tips. Blogging is about finding your own voice and creating something unique. Having said that, there are a few qualities the best bloggers share:

  • They inject their own personality into their blog
  • They enjoy blogging and they let it show
  • They build relationships within the blogging community and aren’t afraid to ask for help”


Where can avid bloggers get tips to help make their blog even better?

“You can find excellent online tutorials for various technical issues, but with so many hosts, themes, creation tools and apps available, what works for one blogger is unlikely to work for others, so I’d recommended searching YouTube or Google for specific personalised resources.



What is YOUR favourite blog?

“It’s impossible to choose one favourite as I follow so many wonderful blogs/vlogs/Instagram blogs and I discover new ones every day. However, World of Mini figs blog always makes me smile. I also enjoy seeing what teen book bloggers Amber (from the ‘tips’ link above) and Charli have to say.”


Where can our readers find out more about your work?

“For examples of my work, you can check out ‘The Case of the Exploding Loo’, which came out in May 2014 and is available from,, iTunes and book shops.

You can visit Book Walrus for news, reviews and interviews from the world of children’s literature.

I also blog on my own site and have a YouTube channel full of slightly daft  promotional film clips” 


Feeling inspired and want to find out even more about Rachel’s own creative process?  This incredible mind map and outline of the creative journey of Rachel’s book “The Case of the Exploding Loo” (available on Rachel’s website) are unmissable!


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Find out more about Rachel Hamilton in her other blog post here!


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