Judge Tanya Laird gives her opinion on The Future8 Awards!


Tanya Laird, Founder of Digital Jam (digital marketing consultancy) has years of experience in Tech. We asked Tanya her thoughts on The Future8 Awards and why young people should enter! Plus we find out which category Tanya would enter if she was between 7-17… Find out below! Did you always have an interest in technology? “Yup, thanks to a love of Sci Fi. I’ve always had a fascination with understanding the reality of the technology that filmmakers dreamed up.” Why would you encourage young people to get involved in schemes such as The Future8 Awards? “Because you can never start too young. Having a go, discovering how to create and build something is an experience that can shape the future paths you take. There’s no better way to learn then to get hands on. Its not about winning, its about experiencing, getting involved with Future8 will be a life experience where you’ll learn a huge amount they can’t teach in the classroom.” If you were between 7-17 years old which Future8 category would you enter, and why? “Online Video!! For me, that’s where my passion has always been, film. Right now the barriers to entry are incredibly low with technology and software available on just about any device to create film. There’s an interesting shift for filmmakers to try and tell stories in more interactive ways, whilst at the same time there’s more and more game makers creating linear stories. Somewhere in the grey space in between there’s a fascinating cross media storytelling arena that hasn’t really been properly explored. I’m hoping some kids enter the Future8 Online Video category with an Oculus Rift movie!” If you’re passionate about film like Tanya, or if inventing or game design is more your thing, ENTER The Future8 Awards! There are 8 categories to show off your creative skills in. Impress Tanya and our other expert judges to win life-changing prizes and start your own future in tech. Find out more Tips & Inspiration from expert judges! Don’t forget, we love hearing from you! Tweet us @TheFuture_8 using #Future8Awards!