Some trends we’re seeing around kids and coding since launching the Future 8 Awards

About a month ago we announced the Future 8 Awards. It’s still pretty early (we’re only turning on proper entry functionality today) but already we’re seeing a bunch of very interesting trends that we didn’t expect. Here’s the top five;

  1. Kids are guiding their teachers a lot more than people think
    We’ve had several conversations with teachers who’ve all been nudged into action directly by their students. In fact, as the topic of discussion in the classroom gets more technical, we’re seeing more evidence of teachers leaning on their (more technical) students for advice and guidance
  2. Parents are desperate to look for ways to get their kids ahead in technology
    This is not a wide sample size (although we’re working on that) but anecdotal conversation with parents who’ve spoken to us about the awards is that they really feel under pressure to help their kids get ahead in engineering.
  3. Game design/development is surprisingly popular with parents
    Interestingly, kids are displaying a far wider range of interest. We’ve had a lot of kids already asking whether they can enter several categories at once.
  4. More collaborative than we expected
    I’m not sure how obvious a realisation this is but we’re seeing quite a large percentage of group projects approaching us. It tends to be the solo coders who get featured in the media but perhaps this isn’t representative on the ground?
  5. It feels like there’s a step-change happening in boosting coding access for kids
    Ian Livingstone’s school (focused on a computer-science oriented education) is a great example of this. People are going beyond local groups and really pushing through meaningful initiatives.

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